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Cooking with Efficiency

February 10, 2015 owner 0

Bit-by-bit, with each new energy efficient technology, it’s becoming possible to considerably reduce the energy consumed in our homes. (Provided people buy these technologies or builders include them in new homes or renovations.) Starting with the building envelope – the structure itself – homes with thick walls with lots of insulation, along with correct ventilation, and tight, insulated windows and doors, the energy load on Read More…

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Cooking pots – Should I Buy Stainless Steel Cookware?

February 6, 2015 owner 0

Every cook knows that having a good set of cookware is important. Cookware can influence the taste and appearance of food. It can also affect how well food cooks. Cookware can also make it easier or harder for you to make your favorite dishes. There are many options in cooking pots. One of the most popular choices is Calphalon. Cookware has many advantages that make Read More…