3 Products That You Can Not Eat After A Workout

Some of your favorite foods, eaten immediately after an effective workout, can put an end to your weight loss!
The key rule for girls who want to lose extra pounds is not to eat 2 hours after training, because it is during this period that the body effectively burns fat. This process is especially intense in the first half hour. If you risk a snack right after the sport – then the body will digest the food just eaten, and not fattened years.

Such, at first glance, harmless products like tea or cheese can also harm the process of losing weight.

1. Coffee


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Caffeine prevents your body from reloading glycogen into muscles, the liver and using their protein to repair the muscles that got stressed during training. Therefore, after training, you can not drink coffee, black and green tea, and also have chocolate, because in each of these products contains caffeine.

2. Fatty foods

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Fat cheese  eaten immediately after training, will not bring your body any benefit.

Within 20 minutes after exercising, the so-called “anabolic window” opens – when the carbohydrates and fat-free protein that you eat at this time will promote growth and recovery of muscles. But fats will be useless for the body of girls who gain weight, and those that lose weight.

Two hours after training, you can eat cottage cheese, but with a small percentage of fat.

3. Salted products

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This kind of food delays the fluid in our body, which contributes to the development of edema. And this is sometimes a few extra pounds!

If you regularly want salty foods – then this may indicate a lack of potassium. Eat a few hours before training a piece of dried apricots or prunes. These dried fruits will give you energy for exercise and will satisfy the body’s needs for potassium.

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