6 Most Terrifying Pots and Pans

Generally pots and pans are considered as the most basic and essentials components in every kitchen, but before buying them, it is important to look at the metal they are made from. There are many terrifying pots and pans available in the market that can severely affect the quality of your food. The most important thing that affects the quality of pots and pans is the metal that has been used in making them. Below are given some terrifying pots and pans that should be avoided.

Cookware made from aluminum: Though these types of pots and pans are usually cheaper, but they suffer from many disadvantages. Foremost is that they react with acidic as well as alkaline food and alter the taste. Aluminum is dirty and filthy metal that may also lead to severe headaches when it reacts with food.

Anodized aluminum cookware: They were introduced as variation of aluminum cookware, but they are also unsuitable for alkaline and acidic food. Besides this, they need extra care and cannot be washed in dishwasher. They need to wash with soft and soapy water.

Cast Iron cookware: These types of pots and pans are expensive than aluminum and are very sensitive to rust and stains. Besides this, they become pitted very easily therefore they also require extra care while washing. Avoid washing them in dishwashers.

Perfluoro chemical (PFCs) pots and pans: PFC may sometimes lead to many different types of health hazards. If PFC gets into the body then it may harm the body as it does not degrade into the environment.

Non-stick cookware with Teflon coating: This type of cookware has a special coating that generally prevents the food from sticking.

Care should be taken while washing them because they cannot be washed in dishwasher or with some abrasive scrubbers, because in that situation, coating may start coming out. They cannot be used for food that requires heating above 450 F because, coating starts coming out in the form of peels.

Glass cookware: Glass cookware is very cheap and gives an elegant look, but it has been seen that the cookware that are made up of glass burns very easily. Besides this, they may also cause food to stick. They can be used only with ovens.

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