7 Health Benefits of Pomegranate

7 Health Benefits of Pomegranate

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The pomegranate is called the king of all fruits, not only for a pronounced crown, but for the royal merits of this amazing fruit.

Today it is scientifically proven that garnet strengthens immunity and helps fight various diseases.

Learn about the 7 most useful properties of pomegranate.

1. For the digestive system

The composition of the pomegranate includes tannins, especially many in the peel, which work well against the dysentery and E. coli. Tannin has astringent properties, which is useful for diarrhea. The juice obtained from the pomegranate has a good effect on the digestive processes and helps with dysbacteriosis.

2. Problems with the cardiovascular system

Garnet can reduce the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases. The grenade contains Punicallagin. It neutralizes free radicals and increases antioxidants called flavonoids, which are able to regulate the permeability of the walls of blood vessels and improve their elasticity, as well as prevent sclerotic lesions.

According to medical research, Punicallagin and other antioxidants contained in garnet strengthen the walls of the vessels and lead to bad cholesterol. This prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaques.

3. Prophylaxis of oncological diseases

Garnets contain a high level of flavonoids – especially strong antioxidants, which protect against cancer and premature aging. This fruit is also rich in ellaglutanins – substances that interfere with the synthesis of estrogen and block the growth of malignant tumors. According to studies, regular use of pomegranate reduces the risk of breast cancer.

4. Tooth Help

The pomegranate has one more wonderful property. Its antibacterial properties help in the fight against bacteria and caries. Broth peel can be used in the treatment of stomatitis.

But with the use of pomegranate juice, you need to observe the measure. In large quantities, it can damage the enamel. Brush your teeth immediately after drinking juice can not.

Prevention of osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis

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5. Prevention of osteoarthritis and atherosclerosis

Phytocomponents contained in garnet have anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, it makes sense to say that this fruit is useful for various forms of arthritis. Recent studies have shown that pomegranate is able to block enzymes that cause joint damage in osteoarthritis.

Garnet also prevents the development of atherosclerosis, that is, the precipitation of lipids in the form of cholesterol plaques on the internal walls of blood vessels.

6. Anemia

Pomegranate juice is very useful for anemia. It increases the level of hemoglobin in the blood and improves the composition of the blood. As part of the grenade, there is folic acid, which actively participates in the function of blood circulation. People who have been through surgery or who are in the rehabilitation period, pomegranate juice is recommended to use as a remedy that will help restore strength.

7. Diabetes

The use of pomegranate in diabetes (in moderate amounts) helps to reduce edema, often found in diabetics in the early stages of diabetes. The pomegranate almost does not contain sucrose. And this means that the fruit accelerates metabolism and other metabolic processes, which are often slow in type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

The pomegranate has its own contraindications. The benefits and harms of this fruit in any given situation can only be assessed by a doctor. Pomegranate is equally good and as a dessert and as a seasoning for various dishes. It is not for nothing that for centuries this fruit has been so popular with many peoples.

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