How to Clean Cast Iron Pans?

The cast iron cookware is very durable and efficient cooking equipments. They are one of the best cookware to have in the kitchen but you need to take proper care of the pans so that they last you a while.

How to clean cast iron?

Cast iron pans are very effective cookware to have in your kitchen. Here we discuss some of the ways by which you can clean the cast iron pans effectively:

  • Always wash your cast iron pans in hot water. It helps to keep the utensils clean. The best is to wash it with use of soap which also helps to keep the bacteria away. Do not scrub too hard on the cast iron pans. If you have some stubborn spots then the best way is to keep the pan submerged in water and then wash it.
  • Cast iron can rust if there is water left over on the surface. Wipe it dry with the help of a towel. The best option is to heat it over the gas so that it doesn’t retain any moisture. You can also apply some oil on it and then heat it to keep the seasoning intact.
  • Another effective means to prevent it from rusting is to store the lid off! Storing the lid off would ensure that it doesn’t hold any amount of moisture that might lead to rusting. Some people also suggest keeping a towel inside the pan so that it absorbs all the moisture that could affect the quality of the pans.

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