The Healthy Benefits of Popcorn

The Healthy Benefits of Popcorn

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January 22 is considered the birthday of popcorn.

Popcorn appeared 388 years ago. It was on this day in 1630 that the South American Indians presented the European colonists with a bag of popcorn, and a special machine for making popcorn was invented only two centuries later by the American Charlie Cretors.

Many do not realize that popcorn is not just an important attribute of going to the cinema, but also a healthy snack that has a lot of useful properties.

Popcorn contains potassium, iodine, zinc, vitamins of group B, which contribute to the excretion of cholesterol from the body. In addition, regular consumption of popcorn will help to improve the functioning of the nervous system.

In popcorn contains a huge number of powerful antioxidants, which reduce the likelihood of cancer and heart disease.

Popcorn consists of whole grains of corn, and a portion of this snack can provide about 70% of the recommended daily dose of whole grains. Moreover, insoluble fiber, which is contained in whole grains, positively affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

Popcorn is not only useful, but also low-bollocks, if you do not add oil, toppings or salt to it. For those who adhere to proper nutrition or diet, popcorn can be an excellent alternative to other, less useful snacks.

Use during pregnancy and diet

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Use during pregnancy and diet

The question of the possibility of eating popcorn in dietary nutrition arises quite often. Of course, high-calorie popcorn, cooked using a fairly large amount of oil, sweet or cheesy can not contribute to weight loss.

But the product prepared at home is useful and contains a small number of calories. In small quantities, it can be used as snacks, and also to replace bread.

Another argument in favor of eating popcorn in the diet menu is a high fiber content. It helps to cleanse the body of toxins, salts and other toxic substances.

Despite the numerous advantages of Popcorn, its use in pregnancy is undesirable.

Since the body of a woman during this period is weakened, and taking into account the features of the production and preparation of popcorn by doctors, it is not recommended to use not only the product in pre-packaged form, but also manufactured at home.

The enhancer of the glutamate sodium taste that is part of this dish is also prohibited for pregnant women. And food additives threaten the health of the future mother and child.

Salt disrupts the body’s water balance, and sugar affects the functioning of the pancreas.

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