Pots and pans

Pots and pans it is COLD I am Snowed in I am Glad I have the Solar Power and Wind Power everybody around has lost Power so Guess what Thursday night was the start of a Party it is Saturday and the Grid will not be Fixed for 2 weeks so I am Mixing up Food for the neighbors and we are having a good time.

Who says it is not Smart to be off Grid it is so cold outside the birds are Roosting on the Porch by the Bird feeder guess they know a good thing. What is funny is the Power Guys that are working to restore power they are coming over to warm up in the house and eating here. They tell the boss it is a mess but they have enough people to repair the down power lines.

Homemade cooking taste so good when the secret is we are warm and the Bosses think you are out in the COLD trying to restore Power and People are Cold. Could be a long 2 weeks for this crew hope they can hold back the smile and happy feeling they been warm any time they want with a warm meal.

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