Sweet Potatoes – The World’s Healthiest Foods

Sweet Potatoes - The World's Healthiest FoodsSweet potatoes,  are considered one of the healthiest vegetables in the world! What’s more, they are not only healthy, but also delicious, and have many medicinal properties.

Sweet potatoes are a valuable source of fiber, which improves our digestive system (prevents constipation and hemorrhoids), stimulating the entire digestive system to work. In addition, it lowers cholesterol and cleanses the body of toxins and heavy metals.

Beta-carotene and vitamin A
Sweet potatoes are a valuable source of beta carotene (pro vitamin A), which is a natural and powerful antioxidant. Beta carotene has an anti-cancer effect, improves eyesight, and provides a healthy appearance of the skin, delaying the aging process of the body.

Iron and calcium
Sweet potatoes are also rich in valuable elements, including iron and calcium, which support the circulatory system and increase our resistance to stress. In addition, they fight free radicals and are necessary for the proper functioning of many cells of our body.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is an invaluable source for many infections and diseases. It helps in the fight against viruses, thus supporting our immunity, has a soothing and anti-inflammatory effect and lowers blood pressure. In addition, it has a healing effect on our skin: it accelerates the healing of wounds and provides elasticity and youthful appearance of the skin.

Potassium and magnesium
These elements are invaluable for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Above all, they care for the proper functioning of the circulatory system, support the digestive process and stabilize blood pressure. In addition, potassium balances the acid-alkaline economy of the body, and magnesium has a soothing effect on our nervous system.

Vitamins from group B (B1, B2, B6, PP, folic acid)
Vitamins from group B primarily support our nervous system, responsible for the mental balance and our well-being. In addition, they support memory and concentration, ensure proper metabolism and reduce the risk of cancer. They are essential for maintaining health and beauty.

Low glycemic index
Low glycemic index causes that after eating such a product, the blood sugar level increases gradually rather than violently, thus providing a balanced and stable source of energy. Products with a low glycemic index are in particular recommended to diabetics and people who want to lose weight.

Sweet potatoes can be prepared in many ways: after baking (with rosemary and a bit of pepper), eat like potato chips, or add to the salad; cooked to crush with puree and give as an accompaniment instead of ordinary potatoes; or make a delicious soup with the addition of carrots and sesame paste (tahini). The time to prepare such a soup-cream is about 15-20 minutes.

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