5 Essential Foods for Healthy Dinner

For dinner, it is recommended protein food and vegetables. In animal proteins contain all the necessary components for the recovery of the body. And in fact it is a building material for our cells.

Here are some simple dishes for dinner. But everything is individual here. Choose the dish that will satiate, so that after an hour after dinner you do not want to eat again.



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Ideally, it’s either veal or chicken. Do not pork – it’s too fat. The meat should be boiled or baked. And to him, necessarily a little vegetables. Vegetables in combination with meat should be twice as much.

And the vegetables can be fresh, or baked, boiled or steamed. To them we must add a teaspoon of vegetable oil.

This is the perfect combination for a healthy dinner. Because the meat is rich in necessary for the restoration of the body with proteins. And vegetables – food fibers.

This dinner should be eaten 3-4 hours before bedtime.


For dinner, cook fish

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For dinner, cook fish of white varieties, such as pollock, hake, pilengas, crucian carp, pike perch. But it’s better if the fish is marine. Because it contains zinc, calcium, iodine, salt, copper.

It can simply be salted, peppered, wrapped in foil and sent to the oven to bake. It is baked for 20 minutes. During this time, you can make a salad. We fill it with 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Fish, too, must be eaten with vegetables. Vegetables any: tomatoes, cucumbers, radish, greens, cabbage. Only not root crops, that is: carrots, beets, pumpkin.



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Eggs are the most digestible protein product. For dinner, the egg of poached or omelet is excellent. In the omelet you can add milk, green peas, asparagus, cauliflower, broccoli and greens.

The boiled egg is also good for dinner. It can be crumbled with cucumber, greens, season with soy sauce. Even vegetable oil is not needed. And you will get a wonderful salad.

Cottage cheese

The lightest dinner is cottage cheese 5% fat with yoghurt.

Even more tasty and satisfying, if you add vegetables to cottage cheese: greens, peppers, cucumber, baked aubergine, a teaspoon of vegetable oil, balsamic, salt-pepper. To this dish you can eat a bit of whole grain unleavened bread.



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For dinner, vegetables always go to the load either with meat, or with fish, or with eggs or cottage cheese.

Vegetables are a necessary product for dinner. You just choose your favorite. The main thing is that they should not be root crops.

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