Best and Worst Foods for Cellulite

Best and Worst Foods for CelluliteCellulite appeared on your thighs and stubbornly teases you? Or maybe you do not have this problem yet, but you want to do everything to prevent it? Do not worry! Orange peel is something that almost every woman is struggling with. It does not mean, however, that we are doomed to it. The fight against cellulite starts on the plate – choosing the right products and eliminating some of our diet, we are able to prevent it and fight it effectively.

There are a lot of ways to have an orange peel, but fighting it requires above all your determination and patience. However, if you want to wear mini or shorts in spring and summer, start fighting cellulite today! Just a little discipline, and the effects will certainly be visible! How to get rid of cellulite? Start with the cleanup in your daily menu. How to do it? Here are the tips.

Cellulite allies

1. Salt

Yes, yes – salt. If you want to have beautiful, smooth and firm skin, you should reduce it to a minimum in your diet, because it contributes to the retention of water in the body. We are well aware that salty often means better, but unfortunately does not mean that it is HEALTHY. Instead of sprinkling with the sole of the cutlet, or seasoning the mom’s soup – try to accept the dishes as they are and get used to the less salty. Certainly it will do you good health, and cellulite will disappear faster than you think.

2. Salami

If you have an orange skin problem, you should definitely limit salami in your diet. Why? Because it is greasy, it contains a lot of cholesterol and is a great ally of cellulite. Take care of yourself, and instead put a healthy turkey ham on a sandwich. A better choice is always better health and form, as well as the condition and appearance of your skin.

3. French fries

When exchanging fries on our list, we do not mean only them. We are talking about a whole range of deep-fried products that are delicious and crispy, but that’s where their benefits end. They cause a whole range of health problems, but also make our skin much less firm and smooth. Do you want to look beautiful? Avoid bars and fries from a distance.

4. Coffee

Latte, macchiato, americano … to choose from, to color. Ideally with the addition of sugar, flavored syrup, and in the cold version obligatory with a whipped top of whipped cream. NO! ENOUGH! Do you want to have beautiful skin and finally get rid of cellulite? Limit coffee to a minimum! Instead, you can drink tea, and if you really need to drink coffee (ah it’s addiction to caffeine) – choose one that contains a trace amount of milk and is sugar-free. Understood?

5. Alcohol

We write about it with pain, because what one of us does not like to drink a glass of wine or a good drink from time to time? Unfortunately, alcohol does not only make it live and play better;) It also contributes to the creation of all the orange peels we hate. What’s the conclusion? You know. Do you want to be beautiful? Do not drink. It’s easy.

Enemies of cellulite

1. Water

Well, nobody said it would be light. Water. Drink a lot of it – ideally 2-3 liters a day, and in addition to cellulite reduction, you will also notice many positive health changes. Your condition, efficiency will improve, you will be less tired and … slimmer. Worth it? Well worth it! All junk carbonated drinks quickly wander to the basket. Now!

2. Green vegetables

Well, there is nothing revealing about it. Vegetables – both green and in a different color;) make your body and skin turn into a smoother, more beautiful and firmer. You do not believe? Try it. And do not let yourself be persuaded that what is green means that it is unpalatable. Vegetables can be perfectly prepared and eaten with taste. Asparagus, kale, spinach, cauliflower, carrot. It sounds so good! All you need is a bit of a desire.

3. Fruit (not necessarily green;))

Eat them with handfuls, pounds! What you want, to choose, to color. Do you like banana? Fantastic! Soon the strawberry season will also start, and the bazaars will show a lot of fantastic and delicious fruit, which you can easily use to make yourself a delicious dessert, or breakfast (is there anything better than a cold strawberry smoothie?). The fruits will undoubtedly help you in the fight against cellulite, but also provide your body with many valuable nutrients. So what, we convinced you?

4. Products rich in vitamins

Every day, eat foods rich in antioxidants (vitamin, A, E and C) thanks to them you will strengthen the connective tissue of the skin! Take care of the appropriate supply of lecithin, in addition to improving memory, it also strengthens the structure of the skin, you will find it in soy and eggs.

5. Green peas

You do not like? It’s better to like, because it’s one of the biggest enemies of cellulite! We guarantee that if you add green peas to your diet, it will certainly do a lot of good for the condition and appearance of your skin. Do you accept this challenge?

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