Cooking Pots – 4 things you need to know

Cooking Pots

Don’t know what kind of cooking pots to choose for your kitchen? Well, it really isn’t easy considering the number of cookware companies and the range of cooking pots. In today’s world, buying appropriate cookware has become a headache for women as well as men. Cooking pots and pans are available in different materials ranging from aluminum, stainless steel, copper and cast iron. Whereas, the clad style cookware add to the options and thus makes the choosing and buying of cookware even more difficult.
Now you must be thinking, which kind of cookware to buy for your kitchen whilst staying between the limit of your budget? Well that solution to the problem is that you should know what you want to buy before you go for shopping! Thus you should have enough information on cooking pots before you make final choice. So here is some information about certain materials of cooking pots which will help you in finalizing your choice.

Stainless Steel Cooking Pots

Stainless steel resists corrosion and thus makes a good choice for cooking pots. However, stainless steel cooking pots don’t conduct heat well and if you want to buy stainless steel cookware then make sure that they have aluminum or copper core. Stainless steel cookware has several advantages like it is durable, scratch resistant, shiny, warp resistant and cheap and does not react with food.

Cast Iron Cooking Pots

Cast iron cookware is known for its exceptional ability in cooking. It is relatively inexpensive, extremely durable and has good heat conductivity. However, cast iron cooking pots also have several disadvantages. They react with food unless seasoned, require high maintenance (seasoning), are quite heavier than other types of cookware and rust easily unless regularly seasoned.

Aluminum Cooking Pots

Due to the high heat conductivity of aluminum, it is used in about 60% of cookware manufactured nowadays. Aluminum is a soft material and that’s why it is used with other materials, such as stainless steel. The aluminum oxide layer onto the surface of aluminum cooking pots prevents rusting or scratches and avoids the reaction of food with aluminum.

 Copper Cooking Pots

Copper cooking pots are used by professional chefs as they have very good heat conductivity which means that it responds well even to slight changes in temperature very quickly. Thus copper cooking pots and pans allow you to have better control on your cooking. However, copper cookware is quite expensive, it reacts with acidic food and needs regular polishing.
So, in the end what do you choose among all the above choices? Well, just consider how much cooking you do, your expertise in cooking and your budget; this will help in making decision. However, if you consider all the above choices, stainless steel tops the list with most advantages but again; its heat conductivity is poor and uneven. But if you choose stainless steel in the end, then make sure that you choose stainless steel cooking pots with copper or aluminum bases.

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