Green Bean Casserole: The King of Thanksgiving Holiday Casseroles

When it comes to holiday casseroles, nothing can top the classic green bean casserole. Ubiquitous on holiday tables and buffets around the country, it seems like the green bean casserole has been around forever. However, this classic holiday casserole has only been around for about sixty years when the Campbell’s Soup Company developed the standard recipe as a means to advertise its condensed, cream of mushroom soup. The 1950s was a decade of rapid changes in the American culinary world.

In the 1950s, the number one priority was placed on convenience. The 50s saw the rise of the TV dinner as well as the widespread availability of quality canned foods that could be picked up in large supermarkets that were sprouting up all over the country. Since most households had canned green beans in their cupboards as a staple item, Campbell’s formulated this recipe to work specifically with their new, cream of mushroom soup offering. The result was nothing short of genius. The only thing that the 1950s housewife had to do was to open up some cans, dump everything into a dish, and bake it till the casserole came out hot and bubbly.

Because of its convenience and taste, the green bean casserole has become the king of holiday casseroles over the years. In the last decade or so, the casserole has become much maligned because of its poor nutritional content. Relying on canned goods and condensed soups, the green bean casserole is very high in sodium, which has been linked with heart disease and high blood pressure. Also, there has been a recent trend to update classic foods using more modern techniques and fresh ingredients. As a result, whole new breeds of green bean casseroles are being created in kitchens all across the country. Eschewing the classic canned soup as a base, many innovative cooks are choosing to make their own mushroom cream sauce from scratch. Another trend is the use of fresh green beans rather than canned. The result is a lighter, more vibrant version of the classic green bean casserole that has a familiar, yet new taste at the same time.

However, during the holidays, most people want to eat what they grew up with. Food has the ability to evoke powerful emotions and memories, and in the end, the classic green bean casserole that their mothers and grandmothers cooked will always be the gold standard for holiday casseroles.

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