Cranberry Benefits and Nutrition: 7 Healthy Reasons To Eat More

Cranberry Benefits and Nutrition: 7 Healthy Reasons To Eat MoreCranberries, according to doctors, the most useful berry in the world. Eat cranberries every day should be all, and especially pregnant.

Cranberry is a storehouse of vitamins, organic acids and trace elements, namely, it contains vitamins of group B, PP, K1, C, potassium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, manganese, iodine and zinc. Cranberries are rich in anthocyanins, phenolic acids, leukoantocyanins, catechins, betaines and beneficial sugars.


1. Against edema and kidney disease

So, cranberry has long been known for its mild diuretic action, helps to cope with puffiness, removes excess fluid from the body and sand from the kidneys. Doctors recommend drinking cranberry juice every day for pregnant women at a late period, especially in the presence of strong edema and gestosis.

2. To increase immunity

Cranberries – winter berry. Due to the high content of vitamin C in it, it helps to increase immunity and gives the body the ability to resist viruses. For colds and high temperatures, drink as much cranberry juice as possible to saturate the body with beneficial substances and remove toxins from the body. And cranberry juice with honey is an excellent national expectorant for diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

3. For normalization of digestion and treatment of gastritis

It is known that cranberry improves appetite, normalizes digestion and helps in the treatment of gastritis. But if you have stomach problems, then consult with your doctor before regular consumption of this berry, as the cranberries cannot be eaten during an exacerbation of peptic ulcer.

4. Against oncology

Surprisingly, as part of the cranberries, scientists have discovered a rare and very useful element, quercithin, which reduces the risk of developing breast and colon cancer.

5. Against blood clots

It has been proven that cranberry reduces cholesterol levels in the blood, therefore it prevents the formation of blood clots and reduces the risk of stroke.

6. For dental health

So, regular use of this berry reduces the risk of caries and periodontitis, as well as reduces bleeding gums.

7. For youthful skin

Cranberry is good for the skin because, firstly, it contains many vitamins, and secondly, it contains many antioxidants that bind free radicals that adversely affect the condition of the skin.

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