Why You Eat When You’re Not Hungry

Why You Eat When You're Not HungryFind out what causes increased appetite and what to do about it.

Quite a common phenomenon to want something to eat. Even if the body is full, the desire to chew does not disappear – it is familiar to everyone. The reasons why you always want to taste different.

The most common causes nutritionists consider:

Drink warm water

It is recommended to drink warm water, because it relaxes the organs of digestion and the feeling of hunger disappears. Also, so that during the day the desire to have a snack appears less often, you can drink tea or coffee without sugar.

To exercise

Best of all walking and running. These physical activities break down fats and release energy, and also distract from the feeling of hunger.

Add helpful snacks

If, after breakfast, after a few hours you feel like eating, and you still have to wait before lunch, then you should add healthy snacks to your diet. It can be apples, grapefruit, carrots, wholegrain bread.

Set power mode

If the feeling of hunger does not disappear, you need to teach yourself to eat at the same time. Then it will be possible to monitor the state of your body and understand when you really want to eat.

Eat varied

You need to eat different foods so that the body does not get used to the same set and receive all the necessary vitamins. It is best to have cereals, salads, fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the diet.

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