Health Benefits of Almonds and Side Effects

Almonds have long gained popularity among the population. Moreover, this tree grows mainly in Central Asia.

Not only useful, but harmful properties are studied for a long time by doctors, nutritionists around the world. Naturally, any nuts are beneficial, but only if they are eaten in moderation.

The benefits and harms of almonds depend primarily on how to eat it. If it is fried, then there are no useful properties, since the microelements are destroyed in the composition of the nuts. A great popularity of almonds was among the raw food and vegetarians.

Benefits of almonds

Benefits of almonds

Useful properties of these nuts consist in the fact that they contain vitamins B and E. They favorably affect the condition of the hair, skin and nails. The fruits of the almond tree, as well as its extract, extract and cake are used in the components of cosmetics. Prepared oil from this nut helps to cleanse and soften the skin.

Also the benefits of almonds are in its nutritional value. They have an extensive chemical composition, they contain fatty acids, also carotene, manganese and potassium salts, and other micro components. There is a large number of proteins and fats in them.

With the use of almonds, the body is saturated with energy. Thanks to them, the blood is purified, the brain is forced to work while calming the nervous system. They help with the disease of the throat, as well as when coughing. These nuts contribute to the outflow of bile. They also have a positive effect on male potency.


Almonds and Side Effects

But excessive use can bring harm to the body. Also, do not eat unripe fruits of bitter almonds, because they contain cyanide.

Do not eat unripe fruits of bitter almonds

The harmful properties of almonds are that they can cause allergies.

Also, do not eat it for those who can gain weight, because in the sweet almonds there is a large number of calories.

Eating it in large quantities can cause dizziness, as well as light clouding of the mind.

To the detriment one can also attribute that the organism is very difficult to digest, so it should not be consumed in large volume, if the intestines and stomach are weak – they do not cope with heavy food. Also in almonds there is a large amount of essential oils. Also, one should not eat in large quantities if there are problems with the cardiovascular system.

Almonds and Side Effects

The benefits and harms of almonds are very close in this product, you must eat it very carefully. Thanks to him, brain robots are stimulated, and he acts soothingly. Therefore, it should be eaten by people who are actively studying or working in the field of mental work.

This nut works well on the human body, so if there are no contraindications, then it must be added to the daily menu.

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