Learn to Like Cooking: tips and tricks

Learn to Like Cooking

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It is believed that cooking should please a woman, a three-hour standing at the stove causes delight, and a bunch of unwashed dishes causes joy.

But if you are not so, if the cooking is perceived by you as the first round of hell, we go to you. Because we know how to turn a boring routine into a business that will bring pleasure. Take advantage of our tips!

1. Feel the inner freedom

“The way to the heart of a man lies through the stomach” – who of us did not hear this phrase? From an early age, girls are being prepared for the fact that they will support the family hearth. With an eye for the time – it’s cooking, washing, cleaning. It turns out that the modern representative of the fair sex and the choice is not. She must love to cook, because it’s so accepted.

But to master the culinary art as such, you need inner freedom. The choice is to cook the food itself, to have dinner in a restaurant or to get ready food in the store. Only in this case it is possible to fall in love with what is now causing rejection. So if cooking today is not for you, do not sacrifice your feelings and time. Make your choice in favor of ready meals, so that tomorrow you can cook with pleasure.

2. Equip the kitchen to your liking

No, it’s not about buying gadgets that greatly facilitate the life of a woman. Although they can not do without them in the kitchen. We mean the creation of such a situation in the kitchen, so that you enjoy spending time there.

It can be your favorite color scheme in the design (why not make the tile orange?), The furniture is arranged in an order that is convenient for you (let the refrigerator stand near the window) and, finally, filling the kitchen space with those things that bring you inner pacification let on the wall instead of decorative plates will hang a panel). Just a few changes – and the kitchen will be the place in the house, where you will pull the soul.

3. Free space

Sometimes the kitchen is the most littered place in the house. Visually, it can look attractive: new modern furniture, technically perfect gadgets and cute trinkets as decorations. But the fact remains, there are very few places in the kitchen. It is impossible to turn around in it, without stumbling upon furniture or kitchen utensils. And most often it is solved!

Part with all gadgets that you do not know how or do not want to use. If you cook once a year in a double boiler, it makes sense to take it to the dacha or sell it altogether. The same goes for a set of super saucepans and a frying pan purchased at the sale. Take them out of sight, out of mind.

Now look at the furniture. Perhaps the locker on the wall has already outlived its and does not fulfill the functions assigned to it. The kitchen corner seems too bulky, and have you longed for a table with a couple of chairs? Incarnate all your desires into life, boldly part with unnecessary things, and you will find yourself in a new liberated space … yourself.

4. Prepare food for music

It’s no secret that sometimes cooking is a long routine process. Peel potatoes from the peel or cook pancakes – monotonous movements on anyone will catch up with boredom. To make you more cheerful, cook for your favorite music, combine cooking with watching the series or listening to an audiobook.

You can not even imagine how many things can be done at the same time as cooking! Caring for the skin of the face, putting on facial mask, listening to a special course, or simply making plans for tomorrow. Use all this!

5. Do not be afraid to create

Your mother prepares virtuously, her dishes are delicious and hearty, but you do not have any cooking? You will be surprised, but almost every fourth woman has this problem. And all the blame – her inner tension and fear. This they prevent the woman, having yielded to curiosity, to combine in one dish several products and see what will come of it. Because somewhere in the depths of my soul there lives the certainty that “like my mother, it will never work out.”

But you do not have to cook exactly like someone else. It’s so boring – check all the time with the recipe and customize your result under the definition of “grandmother’s pumpkin pie”! It is much better to go to the store, put in the basket products that you personally like, and cook from them what your own intuition tells you. You will be amazed that so much, it turns out, you know how.

Do not be afraid to create

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6. Divide the cooking into stages

If cooking a meal takes a long time, decompose the process into several stages. Perhaps in the morning before work you will be comfortable to clean potatoes, and in the evening to use it, baking with meat and cheese in the oven.

Dishes with a lot of ingredients can be cooked by the whole family. So, for cooking stew, your spouse can clean zucchini and cut them into strips, the daughter – peel and grate the carrots, and the son – cut the meat into small pieces. You will only have to consistently fry all the ingredients and put them to stew on a small fire. Time for cooking ragout will be halved.

7. Pamper yourself and your loved ones

If you often have to cook, at least one dinner a week, make it festive. Choose for this purpose a simple, but original dish. Prepare it, serve the table and call relatives or friends. If there is a desire, sip the wine and just relax. What could be better than a good holiday in a beautiful company of friends?

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