What Is the Mediterranean Diet?

What Is the Mediterranean Diet?Eat flour and greasy, remaining slim. Sounds like a fairy tale. No, it’s a Mediterranean diet!

If you were in Italy or at least watched Italian movies, you could not fail to notice that, despite the rather fat and caloric food, the Italians are quite slim. How then? Is it possible to eat flour (pizza, paste) and fat (ricotta, mozzarella, proshutto), while remaining slim? Yes But Italians have several tricks for this.

Hard varieties of wheat

Macaroni, which are the basis of Italian cuisine, are chosen with particular care. Typically they are made from hard wheat varieties: less calories than macaroni from refined varieties, are made up of complex carbohydrates and are saturated with fiber.

In addition, there is a lot of Italians in Italian pastes. It takes almost half of the dish, so that’s not what it turns out and flour.

Vegetables and salad

Italians eat a lot of vegetables and salad: radicco, lettuce, eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes. Vegetables occupy a solid place in the Mediterranean diet, which, thanks to fiber and vitamins, has a beneficial effect on the figure.

Protein diet

Italians eat a lot of meat and fish: steak, chicken or seafood necessarily form the basis of their lunch and dinner. And, as we know, protein is useful for the figure, because it helps us not overeat and promotes muscle growth.

Love what you eat

The Italians never feel ashamed of what they have eaten superfluous. They really love to cook (both men and women), treat each dish as a culinary masterpiece and respect what they eat. Positive attitude to food and respect for their eating habits hinder overeating.

Alcoholic culture

Alcohol is tightly tied to the Italians with food: wine helps to enhance and emphasize the taste of food, and digestive after a meal helps digestion.

More movement

No matter how much the Italian would eat, he would spend all the extra calories on the move. Dancing, walks, travel: you will rarely find even an elderly Italian who wants to sit in one place and not move. In this way, neither paste, nor pizza, nor fatty cheeses are afraid of life.

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