A Christmas Key Lime Pie Recipe for You

Tropical dessert Key Lime PieChristmas is celebrated by almost everyone and is waiting impatiently all over the world. Each people puts their special meaning on this holiday, which is reflected in the culinary traditions.

A stunning holiday cake! Very delicate and incredibly fragrant.

Key Lime  Pie is a branded dessert that comes from hot Florida, consisting of an ingredient available for the tropical climate – lime of “Key Lime” but an ordinary variety is also quite suitable. One of the main secrets of making the right Key Lime unit is not too long to bake. Today there are a lot of variations on the lime pie theme all over the world, but they all revolve around the cheesecake principle: a fine sand base and a lot of rich, delicate stuffing. The version of the unit we are preparing in UpsideDownCake is even more tropical – due to the addition of coconut chips to the composition of the cake. Acid-sweet, with a thin lime bitter, it resembles foaming lemonade. A real salvation on a hot summer evening.

And here is the recipe of the unit for 8 servings:

To bake the cake we take cornflakes (6,17 oz), sugar (2,4 oz), grind in a blender. Add the butter (3,5 oz), a little vegetable oil and bring to a homogeneous mass. Spread it evenly into a mold with high sides and put in the oven for 10 minutes. Have gotten – let’s cool down.

Now is the time to start the filling. For her diligently mix in the blender 2 eggs, 6 yolks, lime juice (8 oz) and condensed milk (21,5 oz). We lay out on the time to cool down the cake and send it all together in the oven for another 10-15 minutes. After that, we send to the refrigerator for as long as you have patience – in a chilled form it will be easy to cut. Before serving, decorate Key Lime with cream, slice and lime.

Bon Appetit! Have a Merry Christmas!

Image credit: Henry_Rico

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