Latte tea: benefits and recipes

Latte tea: benefits and recipes

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This wonderful drink combines milky foam and strong spicy tea.
Tea-latte is an excellent alternative to coffee and ordinary tea, so it will be an excellent option for a drink for winter days and evenings, and as an addition to a hearty breakfast.

Interestingly: if you use a special device for heating milk or a coffee machine with a steam tube, the drink will get more foamy.

Spicy Latte Tea
To make this drink you will need a variety of spicy spices: cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, ground pepper, cloves, as well as black tea, milk and water. To make a drink, pour water into the Turk, milk and tea, add spices and sugar, bring to a boil. Then you need to whip the milk separately and add foam to the drink.

Camomile tea latte
This version of the drink is perfect for those who suffer from stress and strain, as chamomile will help calm down and relax. To prepare this drink it is necessary also, as well as previous, only instead of spices to use a dried chamomile.

Caramel-chocolate tea-latte

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Caramel-chocolate tea-latte
What a winter night without chocolate? This drink will be a real treat for you and your guests. In milk, tea and water, add caramel syrup and a little cocoa, or real chocolate. All this also lead to a boil, top add milk foam.

If you look at the history of Latte, then it is a native Italian drink, which in this country is considered traditional and national. There are a lot of recipes for its preparation, but those that include mate, tea or Rooibos leaves are very popular.

Immediately I wanted to pay attention to the very delicate taste and sweetish-spicy flavor of this tea. Everyone who has ever tried it at least once, will confirm that it just melts on the tip of the tongue, conquering receptors with incredible sweetness. This drink is able to give just a magical pleasure and true pleasure.

However, to feel all the versatility and unusualness of tea can be provided that it is properly brewed. On this issue, we will dwell in more detail below.

The drink is very fragrant, soft, tasty and at the same time “airy-light”. However, its main advantage lies in the fact that it is saturated with a huge amount of useful substances, microelements and vitamins, which first class tone the body. If you drink a glass of intoxicating aromatic tea from the very morning, then the person will fill with energy and vivacity for the whole subsequent day.

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