Easy and Impressive Picnic Recipes

Easy and Impressive Picnic RecipesDeparture for a picnic is one of the favorite events of the city residents. Camping with a family or in a pleasant company rarely does without traditional shish kebabs. But this is not the only food that can be cooked. Many housewives, knowing delicious recipes, prepare some dishes in advance. But it is better to stock up on products that can be cooked in nature – then at home you do not have to stand by the stove.

Before deciding which delicious recipes you will use when preparing the menu, you must clearly define the format of the event. Be sure to consider the number of children. Make a list – do not forget to include water, salt and bread.

Consider the basic requirement for food – food on the nature should be satisfying, because on the air you often want to have a snack. But delicious recipes for preparing salads, especially with mayonnaise and perishable products, are unacceptable for such an event. The food will be stored without a refrigerator and should not harm the health.

Vegetables and fruit wash at home. They are perfect for a snack in the fresh air. Simple recipes for vegetable salad will not take long.

When buying food, do not forget about juices and drinks. Using simple recipes, prepare sandwiches with smoked meats and cheese. They will be a good addition to the main meal. For many holidaymakers, the main dish on a picnic is a shish kebab. Recipes of meat preparation each one chooses to your taste – you can buy pork, mutton, poultry.

Meat and vegetables

Meat and vegetables are grilled. For this, it is convenient to use vegetable recipes on the grill – it is tasty and useful.

To your taste make a list of vegetable assortment. It can be zucchini, tomato, sweet pepper, eggplant, carrot, cucumber. Cut them into large slices, place in a bowl. Grind 3 cloves garlic, add 2 sprigs of basil and rosemary, 3 g spices for vegetables.

Squeeze out the lemon juice, pour 50 ml of oil, mix. Transfer the mixture into a bag, tightly tie, leave for an hour. Prepare the vegetables on the heated mesh for several minutes on each side. If the fire is strong, pour some coals with water. Place the finished vegetables for 15 to 20 minutes in a bowl, cover with a lid.

Prepare marinade from paprika, mustard, add thyme, cayenne pepper, rosemary, oregano. Chop the green onions, greens, garlic. In the prepared mixture squeeze out the juice of lemon, add olive oil.
Specific proportions for cooking do not – add the ingredients to your liking. Peel the cooled potatoes, place in a bag, pour the marinade, leave for an hour. Strain the potatoes on the skewers, roast on the coals until a ruddy crust is formed.

Greek salad at the stake

A good option for a picnic is a Greek salad. The main ingredients are oregano, feta, onion, tomatoes. On a picnic, you can cook onions and tomatoes on a fire, alternately stringing all the ingredients on a skewer.

Fruit salad

No less interesting is the variant of fruit salad. You can attract children to its preparation. To prepare an original snack, you need to alternately thread on skewers red and green grapes, olives and olives, other fruits.

Additional ingredients in different recipes can be added at your discretion. The main thing is that all the products are fresh and not perishable.

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