Foods You’re Eating Wrong

Foods You're Eating WrongEach of us has his own eating habits and eating habits, which we consider to be natural and ideal. However, to get the maximum benefit from food and reveal all the facets of the taste of the dish can only be provided it is properly prepared. There are foods that you eat wrong and do not even suspect it.

Always eat fruit without skin

If you are used to taking skins off an apple or pear before eating, then you are doing the right thing only if the fruit was brought to your city from another region or country. The abundance on the shelves of supermarkets of beautiful and glossy vegetables and fruits, processed with wax and other chemical compounds, is observed in the cold season. Manufacturers use them to ensure that exported products survive transportation and waiting times until they are bought. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are deprived of this shortcoming, and that’s what they should eat directly with the skin, where most of the vitamins, minerals and fiber are concentrated, which improves digestion and intestinal motility.

Roast cruciferous

Nutritionists do not tire of repeating the benefits of broccoli, colored and Brussels sprouts, but many of us literally force themselves to eat them, amazed at the lack of any taste of the prepared dish, or even its inedibility. The thing is that we have little experience in cooking them. In particular, broccoli and cauliflower can not be boiled for long, bake and fry, as they not only lose most of their useful properties and vitamins, but also become unsuitable for food, tasteless. The minimum of heat exposure is the main rule of preparation for this crucifer species. He is fully responsible for steaming.

To Brussels sprouts not bitter, make a useful habit to cut off her tails after three-minute cooking, and after doing in this place a cross cut to get rid of sulfur, giving the vegetable bitterness. If you buy cruciferous in frozen form, then do not defrost them before cooking, and add to the dish in this form.

Cooking dishes based on canned beans

So many people do, and this is not surprising, because the easiest way to open a jar of canned beans and add it to other foods when preparing a salad or the first dish. The danger of this habit is that, rolled into a jar, beans can absorb the health-hazardous substance bisphenol A, which manufacturers add to the inner coating of metal containers. In addition, a large amount of salt is used to extend the shelf life of beans, which also does not bring much health benefits. Therefore, it is best to use raw beans, and to shorten the cooking time they are soaked in water for several hours.

Fry food on vegetable oil

If during the frying of food you have replaced traditional margarine and melted sunflower oil, then you can only praise this initiative. It’s another matter if you decide to use vegetable oils with a low point of smoking – coconut, nut, linseed, etc. – for this purpose, they are not suitable for this purpose, since toxic isomers, aldehydes and ketones, begin to emit under high temperatures. They are recommended only for salad dressings. Thus, you will bring much more benefit to the body, because many overseas representatives contain those nutrients that are absent in the oils we are accustomed to.

Eat nuts with unwashed

We are used to washing vegetables and fruits before consumption, meat and fish before cooking, but few people come to mind to wash nuts. We have not eaten these food products for a long time, by drying them in the oven for better digestion, and we think that this is quite enough. Indeed, collected in their own garden, walnuts and other nuts do not need any additional processing except for frying, but what about those that we buy by weight or packaged in bags? In the first case, they can be banally covered with dust and dirt, and in the second – chemical additives. Therefore, you must clean the nuts, but do it immediately before use. And if some part remains uneaten, then it will have to be dried again.

Bad habit – to drink natural juices without using a straw

No one will argue that the natural juices of fruits and vegetables are very useful, but there are a lot of nuances concerning their use. First of all, I must say that they should be drunk immediately for cooking to prevent oxidation and destroy many useful nutrients. This does not apply only to beet juice, which takes time to stand up. In addition, experts advise drinking most of the juices not during meals, but in breaks between meals. Well, and most importantly – to consume drinks better through the tube. Otherwise, the enamel of your teeth will be attacked by the acids present in the juices, which will adversely affect the health of the teeth.

Bad habit – to make smoothies with the addition of strawberries

Do not be afraid, smoothies with strawberries do not harbor any danger in themselves, but if you want to get the maximum benefit from this berry, it is better to eat it whole. The thing is that the vitamin C contained in it is very sensitive to oxygen and decomposes when exposed to light or high temperature. Of course, this applies not only to strawberries, but also other foods rich in ascorbic acid. But if we talk about citrus, then their flesh is enclosed in lobules, which in itself hinders the oxidative reaction. We also absorb small currant berries entirely, but many like to strawberries and use strawberries with sugar.

Add garlic to the dish whole

Are you accustomed to adding garlic to dishes with whole, intact teeth? This habit does not have anything bad, but in this case this vegetable culture loses its bactericidal and fungicidal properties. The thing is that allicin, which is part of the garlic, provides them, but it is formed only when the cells of this vegetable are mechanically destroyed. Therefore, it is not superfluous to wait a couple of minutes after cutting the teeth or grinding them, although this recommendation only concerns the preparation of those dishes for which heat treatment is not required. Allicin has a low thermal stability, and when heated, it rapidly breaks down. The usual air temperature acts on it in exactly the same way, but not so quickly.

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