Why Do We Feel Sleepy After Eating A Meal?

Surely you have often noticed that after a meal, from time to time, very much I want to sleep. Many people think that this reaction of the body comes from the very fact that you ate. In fact, this is not so.

In a desire to get to bed and sleep in the midst of a white day, in fact certain products are to blame. Let’s see which ones.



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Lettuce may cause increased sleepiness. The thing is that light meals often cause rapid fatigue. This is due to the lack of necessary substances in the body. Simply put, when you dine simply with a vegetable salad, your body does not have the resources to function properly.

Therefore always combine vegetables and greens with something protein: eggs, meat, fish.


Dairy products

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Dairy products can also be the reason for wanting to sleep. Studies show that intolerance to milk protein can appear after 30-35 years, and one of the signs is a feeling of fatigue.

Carry out an experiment: eat a cottage cheese for a mid-morning snack and watch your body. If you want to sleep after dairy products – this is an occasion to reflect.


Health Benefits of Almonds and Side Effects

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Nuts are rich in magnesium, from which the muscles relax and the person wants to relax. It’s natural and absolutely not scary.

Just try to eat nuts at a time when you will have time to rest. Especially a lot of magnesium in peanuts and almonds.



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Bananas, like nuts, are also rich in magnesium in the composition, which naturally leads a person to sleep. This is especially acute for people who have a lack of magnesium.

To avoid drowsiness, nutritionists advise eating bananas with other fruits (apples, citrus fruits).



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Sweet very often causes a person to sleep. More precisely, not so. Immediately after eating, you will feel a surge of energy, but after a short while you will feel drowsy. This is due to the fact that sugar very quickly releases energy, which also abruptly disappears. And you will feel weakness and desire to sleep.

Therefore, try to eat less sweet, and do not eat it separately from the main food.

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