Foods that Cause the Most Weight Gain

Foods that Cause the Most Weight GainImage credit: la-fontaine

The main reason for the overweight set are not at all fats, as many consider, but carbohydrates.

It is only about fast carbohydrates, they are the most dangerous enemy of thin thalium. The scheme is simple: the higher the glycemic index of the product, the faster the carbohydrates will rebuild into the fat layer. It’s time to find out what products should be avoided:

 1. Sugar

Sugar is a product that consists of 100% carbohydrates. Getting into the body, sucrose is instantly digested, splitting into fructose and glucose, feeding the body and giving strength and vigor, which is good on the one hand. At the same time, note that sugar enters the body, not only in its pure form, but also through other products in which it is included. Excesses are inevitable, and they are rapidly deposited in the form of fat.

2. Starch


Image credit: skeeze

As for the natural carbohydrate component of rice, corn, nuts, legumes, potatoes and other products, there is no claim to starch. Another thing is refined and modified starches, which are included in mayonnaise, bakery products and desserts. In industrial conditions, starch loses a number of its beneficial properties and acquires a lot of harmful substances, which then pours into health problems and overweight.

3. Beer

By itself, beer does not really hurt the figure – it is derived from the body, in contrast to the beer snack that the body immediately turns into fat. In addition, malt is included in the top ten on the value of the glycemic index, so abusing an amber drink is not recommended.

4. White bread

White bread

Image credit: RhianaH

The danger of the appearance of wrinkles on the stomach comes directly from white bread. In the process of production, the grain is lost in the shell and the embryo, that is, all the good that he had. We still have starch, empty calories and fast carbohydrates with zero benefit.

5. Baking

Buns, cookies, cakes, croissants, pies and cakes, in essence, have invested a lot of what was named above due to their blow. None of the above does not do without the cooking of wheat flour, modified starch and sugar, so draw conclusions.

6. Fizzy drinks

Fizzy drinks are a liquid sugar, grafted with artificial dyes and flavors. The benefit to the body from such a drink is dubious, it is difficult to argue with.

7. Chocolate

Chocolate, like all other popular desserts, is fast carbs. If chocolate is your weakness, we advise you to love bitter chocolate, indulge yourself in small amounts, and only in the first half of the day.

8. Dates

Date palm

Image credit: PDPics

The record holders on the value of the glycemic index are dried fruits of the date palm tree. The direct opposite of what they were in their fresh and full of water past. Without water, dates are a sweet mass of dietary fiber and fast carbohydrates. And remember – not for nothing, my mother in his childhood said “that too – it’s not healthy.” Any product, even the most useful and low-calorie, can be harmful if used in excess.

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