12 Amazing Cooking Tricks

12 Amazing Cooking TricksSo that the board does not slide on the table
Place a damp towel made of paper or textile under the cutting board. This simple trick will help keep her in place.

How to improve the taste of tomato sauce
If the tomato sauce is too acidic, sugar will help soften its taste. But in this case, the number of calories in the dish will increase significantly. If this is important to you, replace sugar with baking soda. Only half a teaspoon is enough for the excess acid to go away.

Take care of your nerves
Cooking will take place in a more relaxed atmosphere if you prepare all the ingredients necessary for the dish in advance. Believe me, this is much better than in a hurry to peel the garlic, which was supposed to be in the pan five minutes ago.

Dry meat
Before cooking meat or poultry in a pan, they must be thoroughly dried – for example, using a paper towel. Excess moisture prevents the formation of an appetizing crust, and the meat is more likely to be stewed than fried.

Give the meat a break
After removing the meat from the fire, do not rush to cut it into pieces. The steak needs to “rest”, otherwise all the juices will leak onto the cutting board, and the dish will turn out dry. Usually 5-7 minutes is enough.

Sauté nuts and spices
It may seem strange to you, but professional chefs always fry nuts and spices in a dry frying pan before adding to the dish. This is necessary in order to stretch the essential oils and enhance the taste and aroma of the product.

Cut desserts with a warm knife
Hold the knife in hot water for one minute, then wipe it dry quickly and start slicing the cheesecake or any other “sticky” dessert. The pieces are guaranteed to be neat.

Add acid
If something is missing from the dish, it is almost always acid. Add some wine, lemon or orange juice – we are sure that you will like the new taste.

The secret of juicy meat
Almost all restaurant meat is cooked in brine before cooking – and for quite a long time, from 4 to 12 hours. This trick helps to maximize the preservation of juices inside the product during its heat treatment – for turkey and chicken it is especially important. Add your favorite spices to the brine to give the meat a spicy taste and dye the skin in a darker shade.

How to keep greens fresh
To keep leafy vegetables and herbs fresh for several days, place them in a container after covering the bottom with paper towels. They absorb excess moisture and prevent quick spoilage of the product.

How to make the sauce glossy
To give a pleasant glossy shine, as well as a thick and rich texture to the sauce, professional chefs add a few slices of cold butter to the finished gravy. Just don’t let it boil! Just wait until the butter has melted, and immediately remove the sauce from the heat.

Do not wash the pan. Deglaze!
Whatever sticks to the bottom of the pan, do not rush to wash it off. Add quite a bit of wine or broth to get a delicious gravy that has gathered the taste of all the products cooked in the dishes.

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