4 Simple Tips to Make Food Taste Better

4 Simple Tips to Make Food Taste BetterSometimes replacing a single ingredient or using special cooking tools can help a lot in cooking and, ultimately, make your dishes tastier.

Each hostess or host has their own culinary secrets that help prepare delicious dishes. In this article we will share tips that we have tested on our own experience. Sure, using them, you start cooking faster and tastier!

Mushrooms need to fry, not stew

You want to fry mushrooms until golden brown – it’s easy. Fry them in butter in a large frying pan, laying out in one layer. If you need to cook a lot of mushrooms, fry them in several stages. If you immediately put a mountain of mushrooms in the pan, they will squeeze the juice and stew, and that is another story. It should be said that fried mushrooms have a more expressive taste than steamed ones.

Our recipe: To get a delicate mushroom garnish, put sliced ​​champignons in a single layer in a pan with melted butter, fry from both sides over medium heat until golden brown, add salt, pepper, pour a little cream and stew for 1-2 more minutes . Such mushrooms are perfectly combined with spaghetti, boiled or fried potatoes, and are also very good as an independent dish.

Peas for Salad

Salad will be much tastier if you use not canned, and frozen peas. Adding it to the salad will give you a richer, sweeter taste. To get the perfect result, add frozen peas (you do not need to defrost it beforehand) last, when the rest of the ingredients are already chopped. It is enough to pour it into the container to mix the salad and wait literally 10-15 minutes until the peas are defrosted. After that, season the salad with mayonnaise.

Check readiness with a thermometer

Most recipes orient you to the cooking time of a particular dish. This is especially true for meat dishes. But there are different pieces of meat and different cooking conditions, so we recommend checking the readiness of meat dishes with a special thermometer. It is sold in any store with kitchen utensils and is relatively not expensive, but the result will be excellent. With it, you can check the readiness of beef steak or roast beef. Measure the temperature you need in the middle of a piece of meat. You want with blood – 113 degrees is enough, medium roast – 131 degrees, well-done – 131-140 degrees. Lamb will be fully cooked at 162, pork – at 172-180 degrees, 167-185 degrees is enough for poultry. This method of determining the readiness of meat is very convenient, since you no longer have to cut it to see the readiness, and the juice does not flow out of it.

Use scoops

In virtually all recipes, these or other bulk and liquid ingredients are calculated in teaspoons or tablespoons. This is especially important in baking. To always get excellent results, use measuring spoons to dispense these ingredients. Most often they are sold in a set of four pieces: a half a teaspoon, a tea, a half a dining room and a tablespoon. They can be made of plastic or steel.

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