How To Cook Healthier

A few tips to help you make homemade meals healthier.

What we eat directly affects not only physical health but also our mental state. For example, the frequent consumption of unhealthy foods (hamburgers, sausages, chips, sugary drinks, and other foods) are associated with an increased risk of depression, but following a proper diet β€” on the contrary, with its reduction.

Therefore, eating good food, you provide yourself with health, high spirits, and peace of mind.

1. Choose whole grains

Whole-grain foods retain a large amount of fiber, which improves digestion. A diet high in this substance helps lower cholesterol, control blood sugar and maintain a normal weight.

And eating whole grains is associated with a reduced risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

American nutritionists recommend that at least half of whole grains be in whole grains in the diet.

2. Eliminate white sugar

Or at least reduce its intake. A lot has already been said about the dangers of this product.

Excess weight, liver failure, high blood pressure, diseases of the cardiovascular system and kidneys, acne, memory impairment, premature wrinkles β€” this is not a complete list of the unpleasant consequences of an addiction to sweets.

3. Use the correct oil

One of the important criteria when choosing an oil is the ratio of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Excessive amounts of the second can contribute to the development of chronic diseases and weight gain. While omega-3 has anti-inflammatory properties. Ideally, the ratio should be close to 1:1, but slightly higher values ​​are allowed.

No less important is the smoke point. This is the temperature at which the oil begins to produce those same carcinogens that are dangerous to health. The larger this point, the better. This means that the oil can be used at high temperatures.

4. Less of frying

Or at least try not to use a lot of oil. Firstly, products absorb oil and become more high-calorie. Secondly, as we said above, with the wrong choice of oil, it can be dangerous at all.

It is believed that frequent consumption of fried foods is associated with a high risk of type 2 diabetes, heart failure, obesity, and hypertension.

Therefore, it is better to choose another heat treatment: baking, boiling, steaming, stewing or blanching.

5. Add superfoods to dishes

Put more greens and seeds in salads. For example, flax, sesame, chia seeds.

Sprinkle porridge with nuts, pomegranate seeds, and berries. You can also add superfoods to smoothies and desserts.

6. Pay attention to sweets and drinks

Instead of purchased yogurts with a bunch of sugar and other dubious ingredients, prepare a natural product and add fruits and berries to it.

Freshly squeezed juices are healthier than packaged juices, and fruit drink is more aromatic and tastier than natural soda.

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