Easy Ways To Reduce Children’s Sugar Intake

Easy Ways To Reduce Children's Sugar IntakeHow to reduce the amount of sugar in the children’s diet

Eating too much sugar means that we consume too many calories. If we do not use them, they are transferred to the fat reserve, which leads to an increase in weight. If this happens at an early age, then the probability that the child will save excess weight in adulthood is very high.

Let’s see how much free sugar children can consume, and is it really so dangerous for an excessive amount of health?

Naturally, a small amount of sugar in the child’s diet may be present, but foods and drinks containing it should be minimized in the child’s diet. Foods with a high level of sugar, as a rule, contain less vitamins and minerals, so they should not replace high-grade foods necessary for normal growth and development of children.

How to reduce sugar intake:

1. Replace high-sugar breakfast cereals with more dietary cereal, cereal toast, bagels, plain fruit yogurt, or berries porridge. Make it a rule to read the labels before you buy and avoid foods high in sugar. Come up with tasty alternatives to sweet breakfasts, for example, a bright omelet with vegetables or unsweetened toast.

2. Replace sweets for tea with cereal bun, nuts, bread sticks, fruit bars, banana, cheese, dried fruit.

3. Refuse carbonated drinks. Instead, go to seasonal fruit or dried fruit compotes, plain water, cold tea.

4. Learn to bake without adding sugar (instead, you can add, for example, dates chopped into a paste). Homemade cakes or fruit in jelly will be a healthy alternative to purchased sweets.

5. Involve children in cooking. If they helped to cook something, then the likelihood that they will eat the fruits of their own labors, increases significantly.

6. Children copy the behavior of adults, so become an example to follow. If they see how you constantly and with pleasure cook and eat healthy food, they will imitate you in this.

The main advice: to reduce the use of sugar is not easy, but possible. Encourage children to choose healthy foods and eat healthier drinks, eat more fruits, vegetables, and foods that contain fiber. Also a prerequisite for maintaining health at the proper level is daily physical activity, which should not be forgotten.

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