7 Common Side Effects Of Healthy Eating

7 Common Side Effects Of Healthy EatingHealthy nutrition and side effects? Yes, it’s not a mistake. Before starting a new diet, it’s worth knowing that you may have some unpleasant symptoms. Calm – it’s natural and momentary. Do not be discouraged when you start to feel healthier while trying to … feel worse. It happens and it will pass quickly.

How is it possible that you feel worse when eating better? Does it mean that a healthy diet is not so good? Absolutely not. Or maybe you are doing something wrong? Not necessarily. Remember that our body is sensitive to changes. I need time to adapt. A drastic diet modification can make the body a little … go crazy. That is why it is worth introducing new products gradually and counting on the fact that the first days of a new diet can be difficult.

Side effects of a healthy diet:

Deterioration of the complexion

You’re beginning to eat healthy. You drink herbs, eat fruits and vegetables, you carry out detox. You want to improve the condition of the skin, meanwhile it starts to get worse. Easy, it’s normal. The body is thus purified of harmful substances. All this must somehow get to the surface. Hence, this imperfection heap. Do not be afraid, it will be temporary and will not last long.

Gastric problems

A sudden increase in consumption of raw fruits and vegetables can cause abdominal pain, bloating and gas. It will be similar when you overdo it with fiber or protein. You can then expect diarrhea or constipation. It would be best to gradually introduce new products into the diet. You will minimize the unpleasant symptoms and your body will adapt more easily to a new way of eating.


Resignation or restriction of energy drinks or coffee can cause headaches. All by discontinuing the caffeine that we got used to so much. Our body will need from a few to a dozen or so days to learn how to function normally without it. Until then, we may feel worse.

Drowsiness and weakness

Decreasing the intake of simple sugars and discontinuing caffeine can make us drowsy and weak. This feeling of tiredness is normal and will pass after some time. Make sure, however, that your new diet contains the right amount of calories and nutrients. Often under the guise of healthy eating there is a devastating hunger strike. And it is not about eating less to eat better.


Changing your diet can also cause sleep problems. Difficulty falling asleep, frequent waking up or very early getting up are side effects, which should pass after a few or several days after the change in the way of eating. If this does not happen, consult a doctor.

Lack of appetite or wolf hunger

If you swap sweet and salty snacks for foods rich in protein and fiber, you may find you do not feel hungry for hours. This is not a cause for concern unless you start to lose weight and feel badly. It may also happen that replacing fat fast foods with light dishes will keep you hungry all the time. During the transition period, it is worth munching raw fruit or nuts in such situations. Hunger during diet can also be a signal that you eat too little and you should increase the portions.

More frequent visits to the toilet

In the first days of a new diet you may notice that you have to use the toilet more often. Probably because you started to drink more. Proper hydration is very important for health. Drinking the right amount of water is the foundation of every healthy diet. Increased urination may also occur during weight loss or intensive training – when the body is forced to reach for glycogen reserve. Remember also that many healthy herbs, fruits and vegetables have a diuretic effect. These are, for example, nettle, horsetail, parsley, cranberry, black without, carrots, eggplant or celery.

As you can see, most of the side effects of a healthy diet are caused by sudden changes in the diet. You can avoid them or minimize them if you introduce a new way of eating gradually. You do not have to give up all your habits right away. You can do it in stages. However, it is easier for some girls to completely sip coffee and sweets rather than stop at one small black and a few cubes of chocolate. We understand this, but our bodies can react side-effects to violent changes.

It’s worth knowing about them, being prepared and not being discouraged. The first days on a new diet can be difficult, but later it will be easier. And the effects are really worth those temporary inconveniences.

Picture Credit: Heather Ford

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