Easy gingerbread recipe: How to make gingerbread biscuits

Easy gingerbread recipe: How to make gingerbread biscuitsThe New Year is not only the smell of tangerines and Christmas trees. This is also a warm, warming scent of freshly baked apple pie, a cake for Napoleon or a gingerbread dough. And even if in 2019 you plan to eliminate harmful products from the diet and have already made a completely useful menu for the new year, this is not a reason to refuse to be sweet in the holiday. Just look at our selection of useful New Year recipes and meet the year with tasty and healthy dishes.

New Year’s Gingerbread Recipe
This is a useful, delicious and festive cookie will surely bring the whole family together in the kitchen. In order to cook goodies, take 100 grams of coconut oil, two glasses of spit flour, 2 tablespoons of honey and an egg. You will also need spices: 2 generous tablespoons of ginger, a pinch of ground red pepper, clove, carnation and cinnamon, which you can also buy in a mortar or hammered in a mortar, a little lemon peel and a pinch of bucket for insurance.

First of all rinse coconut butter and mix it with honey and syrup. Then add molten spices to it, peel and let it cool down. After the slipping into the egg and then add a mixture of flour and baking powder. Make it, wrap it in the film and leave it in the freezer for an hour. After an hour, get out, roll the dough on the fluffed flour with parchment and cut out the future cookies with New Year’s forms.

This useful New Year’s dessert is fried fast enough – for 10-15 minutes at 356 degrees. By the way, if you want to hang cookies on a Christmas tree, do not forget to make holes in them with a toothpick!

Gingerbread cookie with fresh ginger

2 glasses of sieved flour
1 glass of sugar
100 g of softened butter
1 egg
2 small ginger root
5-6 Inflorescences of Carnations
1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 teaspoon spittle

Ginger clean and rub on a small grater. Cinnamon grind in mortar. Mix the flour with baking powder, grated ginger, cloves and cinnamon. Shake butter with sugar, add egg. In the resulting mixture add flour and knead the dough. Pour a table of flour, put it on a dough and roll it out. Cut the cookies from the dough with molds. Sprinkle with sugar or ground almonds. Lubricate the baking sheet or sprinkle with flour and place biscuits on it. Bake cookies in a warm oven for 25-30 minutes at a temperature of 356 degrees.

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