How to Drink Tea Without the Side Effects

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world, which absolutely everyone drinks: adults, children, men and women. However, this drink can become dangerous. If you do not know about it a few things.

Tea is considered useful. And this is actually so. The main thing is not to allow common enough mistakes that turn useful tea into a dangerous drink.

Tea with a taste of citrus fruits

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Tea with a taste of citrus fruits

Studies of the Journal of Food Composition and Analysis showed that tea from bags with a citrus aroma contains 30 times more than the norm of lead and aluminum. Agree, this is impressive.

The thing is that these metals have a very negative effect on the work of the kidneys and the heart. Therefore, if you like tea with citrus, do it with the addition of a real peel, and just forget about the tea pack.

To drink tea after a meal

How to Drink Tea Without the Side Effects

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Tea worsens the body’s absorption of iron. Strongly worsens, so this drink should not be taken after a meal. Give food a normal digestion, and only then go to tea.

Drinking tea immediately after a meal worsens the condition of the skin, hair and nails, so nutritionists advise drinking tea 40-50 minutes after eating.

Strong tea

It turns out that too strong tea can cause accumulation in the bones of fluoride. As a result, problems with teeth and bones may begin (they will simply become too fragile).

Therefore, if you like strong tea, drink it no more than 4 cups a day. More frequent use will negatively affect your body (of course, not immediately).

Drinking tea before bedtime

Many people think that tea does not affect the quality of sleep, and, fearing coffee before going to bed, drink it. But in vain. Doctors say that tea excites the nervous system and even if you fall asleep without problems, sleep will be shallow, and in the morning you will wake up broken.

Therefore, before going to bed, instead of tea, it is better to drink water. It just perfectly affects the body in the evening.

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