How to Eat at Home During Self-Quarantine

How to Eat at Home During Self-Quarantine

These recommendations will help you not to gain too much and not harm your health.

During a forced stay at home during quarantine due to coronavirus, there is a great chance to start overeating and, as a result, gain excess weight and worsen health.

Adhering to these tips, you can strengthen the immune system and reduce the degree of anxiety.

1. Decreased caffeine intake. If possible, exclude altogether and pause. Avoiding caffeine will help you behave more evenly and reduce anxiety.

2. Refusal of alcohol. The immune system is directly suppressed under the influence of alcohol, plus when intoxicated we tend to eat more and not usually more fatty and sweeter foods.

3. The mode of eating. Enter your food rules: basic meals. As long as the period of reduced physical activity continues, remove the snacks, they will take away additional calorie intake.

4. Eat only in the kitchen. Neither at the computer in the workplace, nor in the bathroom, relaxing, nor watching the series, nor tricks from the vases in the kitchen. There will not be this rule you will become mired in food depravity.

5. The cleanliness of kitchen surfaces from food. Vases, saucer, trays, fruit bowls — clean them! Otherwise, you will turn into the white walkers into the kitchen for the next piece, slice, nut, and you will eat once a day from morning until night.

6. Do not mix pleasure. Food, reading, bath, series should all be separate. Absorption of food under something has a “hypnotic” effect. How much I ate I didn’t understand myself, I recovered when it became hard to breathe.

7. Fewer semi-finished products. Such a great time is not justified by the lack of time for cooking. Indulge yourself with homemade food. And the more “ready-made store food” there is, the higher the temptation will be to have a refrigerator and nip off a bite.

8. Pasta or not? Pay attention to frozen vegetables, fish, legumes, dried (frozen) mushrooms. Calm your brain with a complete food freezer. Of these products, you can feed yourself much more interesting than pasta.

9. The priority of the order via the Internet. The fewer contacts you have, the better. And if you have the opportunity to buy elderly neighbors take them some products. Now is the time to show kindness to people.

10. Keep track of expiration dates. Keep in mind the expiration dates. Random rainy day purchases can lead to quick food spoilage and food poisoning. As you know, coughing and diarrhea are the worst companions.

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