How to Make Plant-Based Nut Milk

How to Make Plant-Based Nut MilkSo called drink from herbal ingredients in appearance and taste reminiscent of our usual milk.

Plant-Based Nut milk comes to the rescue when the usual is not suitable for one reason or another. For example, people who:

  • Do not use animal products: constantly – vegans or temporarily – during the posts.
  • Forced to refuse conventional milk for health reasons, the recommendations of the doctor.
  • Not satisfied with the ethics of ordinary milk production – the conditions of cows, supplements and antibiotics that they receive. All this is reflected in the quality and nutritional value of milk.
  • In addition, vegetable milk diversifies the life of gourmets, lovers of experimenting with new ingredients and new flavors.

Vegetable milk can be prepared at home. The main thing is to know how.

Options and types of vegetable milk just dairy sea!

There is peanut milk – almond, cedar, walnut. There are oatmeal, pumpkin, sesame, coconut and rice.

Choose which milk you like more. The cooking method is always the same.

How to Make Plant-Based Nut Milk

To begin with, the base product — coconut, nut, and so on — should be soaked in filtered water. Keep a few hours – almonds or sesame is better all night.

After washing the seeds or nuts and pour into a powerful blender. Add water in proportions 1 to 5 or 1 to 10.

It is important that. The less water you add, the richer the taste of milk will be.

Beat the milk to the desired consistency – yes, it should be like milk.

It is better to filter the resulting mass through a sieve – this will help rid the milk of unwanted nuts or coconut.

All is ready. You can enjoy the great taste of coconut milk!

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