The Benefits and Disadvantages of Ice-Cream

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Ice-CreamBenefit and disadvantages of ice cream mainly depend on the content of protein in it.

Of course, ice cream is one of the most beloved products in our country. It is eaten both by children and adults, as in the hot summer heat, both as a dessert or for raising the mood in the cold. The amount of ice cream consumed by no one can determine, opinions on this subject are different.

However, ice cream, as well as any other product, can except benefit and harm. In order to determine what constitutes a nation-wide favorite product, one must understand the technology of cooking and composition. There are two ways to freeze: soft ice cream and hardened. The soft ice-cream is cooled no more than to 23 °F, and hardened – up to -13 °F. This also depends on the shelf life of the product: the hardened ice cream can be stored for a year, but in a soft time storage is quite small.

Depending on the composition (degree of fatness) distinguish 4 species:

1. fruit-berry – is made from puree or fruit juices, therefore there is no fat in it, and the amount of sugar is 30%;

2. milk – made from milk. Sugar in nm contains no more than 16%, fat – about 6%;

3. creamy – on the basis of cream. Fat is 10%, sugar is 15%;

4. Plombir is the most fatty type of ice cream, since it has 15% fat content.

Benefit comes from ice cream, made from natural products, especially from milk. This ice cream is caloric and has a large amount of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. But ice cream, made from a mixture of vegetable fats, has a dubious nutritional value.

Good and bad

Ice cream can not be used by people with diabetes or overweight. Ice cream based on animal fats should not be used by people with elevated cholesterol. Even healthy people should not be attracted to ice cream with various aromatic additives: strawberry, raspberry, etc. In such grades add harmful to the body artificial food additives. It is better to eat natural fruit and ice cream.

The lowest percentage of fat is milk ice cream. However, do not forget that all kinds of ice-cream are rich in sugar, which contributes to the increase of glucose in the blood.

Excessive consumption of ice cream promotes constant headaches. This is due to the fact that with a sharp decrease in body temperature there is a narrowing of blood vessels, and, consequently, blood circulation decreases. Since the brain does not receive the required amount of oxygen, headaches begin. You should not eat a lot of ice cream for people with ischemia of the heart, atherosclerosis and caries. Even healthy people should not be abusing this product. It is desirable to eat no more than 2-3 servings per week.

Special damage brings ice cream food “on the go”. Together with ice-cream on the street, harmful dirty substances come into the digestive system: dust, exhaust gases, and more. Therefore, it is much safer for health to eat ice cream if not at home, then at least in a park or in a cafe. If you use this product properly, you will not harm your health.

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