How to Drink Coffee Properly and Healthy

How to Drink Coffee Properly and Healthy

It is almost impossible to imagine everyday life without coffee today. It is the beginning of the morning of millions of people around the world. In addition to a pleasant taste and aroma, this drink is invigorating. ⁣⁣

But for coffee to be useful, you need to choose and prepare it correctly.

Buy coffee beans

Ground coffee loses some of its aromas over time, so the most delicious drink will come from freshly ground beans.

Do not drink instant coffee

It does not recommend drinking instant coffee, which is obtained as a result of complex industrial processes. For its production can be used ⁣⁣low-quality grains.

Coffee in sticks should also be avoided. It contains a lot of sugar, harmful fats, and emulsifiers. Amplifiers of taste and smell, which are added to this drink, can adversely affect the liver.

Natural coffee for the liver is not only not harmful, but also useful if consumed in moderation. ⁣⁣This benefit is determined by the presence of antioxidants in beans.

Prefer black coffee

It should be remembered that milk and cream added to coffee reduce the activity of coffee antioxidants, and complicate their assimilation.

Do not drink coffee with grounds float

Avoid the popular type of preparation – pouring boiling water, i.e. coffee with grounds float. This coffee has a lot of diterpenes. These chemicals can increase the level of bad cholesterol in the blood and adversely affect the liver. ⁣⁣

Paper filters help to protect yourself most effectively. ⁣⁣At the same time, valuable polyphenols – antioxidants contained in coffee beans – pass through the filter into the drink without hindrance.

Do not boil coffee

So the drink loses not only taste but also benefit. It releases more harmful substances, especially from finely ground coffee, destroys essential oils with beneficial antioxidants.

Glass and high-quality stainless steel are the safest, non-toxic materials. Use them during brewing.⁣⁣ ⠀⁣⁣

Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach

The drink irritates the gastric mucosa.

Coffee should not be consumed when eating meat and other foods that contain iron. It can interfere with the assimilation of this element.⁣⁣

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